USSSPE membership

At the heart of all USSSPE activities are its members. USSSPE members form the General Assembly, which includes approximately 700 professional (individual / corporate) and student members within sport, sport science and physical education.

Benefits and services

Being a member of USSSPE offers an effective and valuable opportunity to become nationally involved and supported in the broad fields of sports science and physical education, and to co-operate with colleagues in these fields. In addition USSSPE members also enjoy a range of benefits and services including:

  • Achieve nationally recognised accreditation as a sport and exercise scientist / physical educator and be listed on the USSSPE Consultant Finder
  • Collaboration with a unique multidisciplinary and national network of approximately 500 professional members;
  • Expert knowledge in all sport science and physical education disciplines brought together into a single network;
  • Contact, cooperation and transfer of knowledge between all members of the USSSPE network;
  • Opportunities to release publications together with other members;
  • Free access to the newest USSSPE Bulletin.
  • Opportunities for USSSPE patronage and financial support of scientific activities.

Membership categories

  • Full Membership: fully paid up professionals who are recognised in their respective fields as being responsible for physical education, sport or sport science;
  • Student Membership: students working to qualify in any of the professional fields of physical education, sport or sport science.
  • Corporate Membership: governmental and non-governmental organisations at the national level and publicly recognised research institutes and schools of higher learning in sport science and physical education.

Membership fee:

  • Full Membership Ugx 50,000
  • Student Membership Ugx 20,000
  • Corporate Membership Ugx 200,000

The membership application form can be found in the pdf below. Please note that you can fill in the application form on the computer and send it directly to USSSPE through the 'send' button.

 Download [Membership Application Form.doc]